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Cloth vs Leather Seats
Narrowing down your vehicle of choice is difficult enough but coming up with a list of options that you want is a whole different ball game. Modern vehicles come with a long list of technologies and comfort features designed to make driving easier and more pleasing than ever. One option hasn’t changed in recent years though. Cloth and leather upholstery each offer their own benefits and drawbacks but one might be better than the other depending on the driver.
Cloth Seats

When it boils down to price, cloth seats will generally be more affordable. Drivers on a tight budget would be wise to stick to cloth seats, especially if choosing leather would put the car out of your price range.

Cloth seats will also warm up and stay cooler longer than leather.

While leather seats may be more expensive and take longer to provide a change in temperature, they offer their own benefits too. Leather will generally offer a higher resale value, allowing drivers who spend more to get more back later on.

Leather upholstery is also easier to clean than cloth as it doesn’t absorb liquids. Cloth also has a habit of trapping bad odors while leather is less likely to trap any odors at all.
Leather Seats
Consider price, cleanliness, and comfort when choosing the right seats for your next vehicle.
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