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Ford Service: Dashboard Warning Lights
Ford Dashboard Warning Lights
It can be both nerve-wracking and frustrating when your dashboard warning lights come on, even if it is something minor. That’s why we here at  Mama's Used Cars have put together a list explaining what most of the dash warning lights may mean on Ford models.

Warning Light Colors

It’s normal for lights to go on and off, especially as you first turn on your vehicle. However, if lights stay on for more than 15 seconds, you should take a moment to consider what the warning light might be telling you. The color is the first indication. Below is a list of colors to give you an idea about the importance of each warning light:

  • Blue/Green  – this is a normal operation, and the light is simply letting you know it is on or off. This includes high beams, cruise control, and overdrive among other things.
  • Yellow/Light Orange  – there is most likely something wrong with your vehicle, and you should take it in as soon as you get a chance.
  • Red/Dark Orange  – there is something seriously wrong with your vehicle. Service ASAP, and consider pulling over if your brakes are out or if your engine is overheating.

Dash Warning Lights

Below is a list of the most common warning lights you might encounter on a Ford model:
  • Adaptive Cruise Control  – a white light means the system is on, while a green light means it is engaged/actively in use.
  • ABS  – the anti-lock braking system may be failing. Service ASAP.
  • Auto Start/Stop  – your engine is shutting down and activating the start/stop sequence.
  • Battery –  there is an electrical equipment issue—service ASAP.
  • Blind Spot Monitor  – turns on when this system is off.
  • Brake System  – the parking brake is on (lit when in park) or there is a low fluid level (lit while driving). Service ASAP.
  • Cruise Control  – cruise is on.
  • Direction Indicator  – your blinker is on. If it flashes faster rapidly, a bulb may be out.
  • Door Ajar  – a door is open while the ignition is on.
  • Electric Park Brake  – electric parking brake malfunction.
  • Engine Coolant Temp.  – the engine is overheating. Stop immediately and turn the engine off to let it cool.
  • Engine Oil  – loss of oil pressure. Check immediately.
  • Fasten Safety Belt  – put on seat belt.
  • Front Airbag  – the front airbag has malfunctioned.
  • Front Fog Lamps  – fog lights are on.
  • Heads Up Display  – system is on (horizontal array of red lights may appear).
  • High Beam  – high beams are on.
  • Hood Ajar  – hood is not closed.
  • Lane Keeping Aid  – lights up when lane keeping is activated.
  • Low Fuel Level –  low fuel—get to station ASAP.
  • Low Tire Pressure  – low tire pressure indicated. If flashing, there may be a system malfunction.
  • Parking Lamps –  parking lamps are on.
  • Powertrain Fault  – issue with powertrain (engine/transmission) or AWD. Fix ASAP.
  • Service Engine Soon  – Check engine (diagnostics code has been set). Service when possible. If blinking, service ASAP (engine may be misfiring).
  • Stability Control  – lights up when the system is on. There is also a “Stability Control OFF” indicator.
  • Trunk Ajar  – trunk may not be closed all the way.
These are some of the most common lights to find on Ford models. For more information, stop by the Mama's Used Cars Service Center or visit Ford’s  Vehicle Ownership Page.
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