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Mama's Used Cars How To Change A Flat Tire

How to Change a Flat Tire

Everyone is bound to get a flat tire at some point in their life and while roadside assistance is a viable option, it could be faster to change the tire yourself. Changing a tire isn’t particularly difficult. In fact, you only need a few tools and follow a few steps in order to get the job done.

Tools Needed

  • Lug wrench
  • Jack
  • Flashlight
  • Spare tire

The process to change a flat tire is fairly straightforward and following this simple guide should have you back on the road in no time at all.
  1. Start by pulling off to a long, straight road. Make sure it’s safe and don’t forget to turn your hazard lights on.
  2. Remove your spare tire and the tools you’ll need. A flashlight will help significantly if you’re changing a tire at night.
  3. Remove the hubcap from the tire if the lug nuts aren’t exposed. You may need to use the end of the lug wrench to get the cover off.
  4. Loosen the lug nuts. Don’t remove them just yet!
  5. Place the jack under the car. Check your owner’s manual for proper placement to avoid damaging the vehicle. Raise the jack until it connects with the frame.
  6. Raise the car six inches to one foot off the ground. Avoid going under the vehicle as the jack could fail at any time.
  7. Finish removing the lug nuts.
  8. Pull the flat tire towards you to remove it from the post.
  9. Push the spare tire onto the post until it can go no further.
  10. Replace the lug nuts but don’t tighten them with the wrench just yet.
  11. Lower the car to the ground and remove the jack.
  12. Finish tightening the lug nuts with the wrench until they’re as tight as can be.
  13. Return the hubcap and check the tire pressure before stowing your tools in the trunk

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