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How to Drive on the Ice | Charleston, SC
How To Drive on the Ice | Charleston, SC

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Are the roads icy in Charleston, South Carolina? It does happen sometimes, and when it does you, as every other driver, should know how to handle it. Be ready for unexpected icy road conditions by using and applying these tips from Mama's Used Cars.

Tip #1 - Slow Down

Whether your vehicle is equipped with tools like all-wheel drive or not, you should always slow down when you are driving on icy surfaces. This is the most important guideline to follow in winter road conditions. Driving at slow speeds will give you more control of your vehicle, and provide you with the time you need to come to safe and controlled stops.

Tip #2 - Brake Lightly

It’s important to have the time you need to brake on icy roads, as slamming on the brakes will not only be ineffective but is also likely to cause you to spin out of control. Instead, apply the brakes very lightly and gradually to maintain control.

Tip #3 - Avoid Hills

Unless it’s absolutely necessary, try to avoid having to tackle steep hills or tricky roads when the conditions are bad.

Tip #4 - Maintain Space

Even if you’re driving carefully and slowly, it won’t matter if you’re next to another vehicle that spins out of control. It’s important to maintain plenty of space between yourself and other vehicles and to stay extra alert of their actions.

Driving on icy roads can be daunting, but if you know what to do to minimize risk, your confidence—and safety—behind the wheel will grow rapidly.
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