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How To Improve Your Credit Score | Charleston, SC

How To Improve Your Credit Score | Mama’s Used Cars | Charleston, SC

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How to Improve Your Credit Score

Being an adult is expensive. We all have bills to pay and often not enough money for everything we need. Because of this, we can often run into difficult situations that hurt our credit. However, if your credit has suffered in the past, you can recover.

  1. Get smaller loans. If you need a new car but having trouble with approval for a bigger loan, focus on getting a smaller loan for a used car that you can pay off faster.
  2. Make payments on time. Late payments are one of the biggest dings to your credit. Make sure you pay at least the minimum payment on all your credit accounts each month. Over time, this will improve your credit history and your overall score.
  3. Don’t close accounts. If you have paid off a credit card, congratulations! You might be tempted to close the account so you don’t use it, but by leaving it open and available, it will have a more positive effect on your credit. You can always cut up the card so you can’t use it.
  4. Stay informed. Thanks to a federal law, once a year, you can access all of your credit reports for free. Take advantage of this so you know how your credit is shaping up.

Here at Mama’s Used Cars, we would be happy to help you get on the road toward starting your credit with a small used car loan.

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