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Jumping in your car and trying to start it up while only being met with a churning engine instead of revving, can be a big letdown. However, this issue is usually resolved with a simple jump start. Follow these steps to get back on the road.

How To Jump Start a Car
In Just 4 Easy Steps!

1. Find A Good Samaritan

Find someone with a working car who is willing to give you a jump. Park the cars as close together as you can and make sure both are in park with the parking brake activated.

2. Attach The Jumper Cables

Take out your cables. Attach the first red clip to the positive terminal (POS or +) in your dead car. Attach the second red clip to the positive terminal in the other car. Attach a black clip to the negative terminal (NEG or -) on the working car. Finally, attach the last black clip to an unpainted piece of metal on your car that isn’t near your battery.

3. Start The Working Car

Let the engine run for a few minutes to charge up your dead battery.

4. Start Your Car

If your car starts, carefully disconnect the cables making sure they don’t touch. Drive around for a few minutes to charge up the battery. If your car does not start, check the connections and try again. If it still does not start, you may have a bad starter or damaged battery.

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