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Reasons To Buy A Used Luxury Car | Princeton, WV

2018 Lincoln MKT | Princeton, WV
If you’ve always wanted to buy a luxury car but it’s just not in your price range, consider buying a used luxury car. There are tons of good reasons to buy a used car from a luxury brand like Lincoln, so don’t pass up the opportunity to check out the used luxury selection at Mama’s Used Cars.

More bang for your buck

Buying a new car on a limited budget means limited options, and you’re probably going to end up with a car that doesn’t have as many features or as much power. When you buy a luxury car used, you get all the features, performance, and comfort of driving a luxury car, without breaking the bank.

Lower depreciation

Luxury cars already offer impressive value, but they’ve also skipped their biggest depreciation period—the first year after they drive off the lot. Your luxury used car will retain its value much longer than a non-luxury car you buy brand new.

Better ride quality

If you’ve never ridden in a luxury car before, you don’t know what you’re missing—the mechanics and ride quality are noticeably better, and it’s hard to go back to a non-luxury car after you’ve driven a luxury car like Lincoln. Even a used model will ride better than a brand new budget car.

More features

If safety is a big concern for you, a used luxury car is the best choice. New budget models just don’t offer the same level of safety as luxury models, even ones that are a couple of years old. Don’t avoid a used car because you’re worried about safety—lemons are easy to avoid, and a used luxury car in good condition is safer than a cheap new car.

Vehicle history reports and third-party warranties

You don’t have to worry about buying a used car that turns out to be a clunker when accessing the vehicle history report is so easy. You can check for past accidents and any other concerns you might have so your mind can be put at ease.

It’s also easy and affordable to buy third-party warranties that cover the cost of repairs for defective parts, mimicking the warranty package you get when you buy a car new, and you’ll still save money while getting a much better car.

If you’re ready to drive off the lot in luxury, contact us at Mama's Used Cars.

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