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Stay Safe When Off-Roading | Charleston, SC

Stay Safe When Off-Roading | Charleston, SC
Are you new to the sport of off-roading? Off-roading is a thrilling adventure, introducing you to rugged terrains and new sights behind the wheel of your vehicle. But off-roading can also be dangerous if you do not take the right precautions. Here are a few safety tips for off-roaders.
  • Always wear your seat belt: You should always wear your seat belt, whether you’re on-road or off-road. It is especially important when off-roading, as you often hit unexpected bumps and rocks that can send you flying.
  • Tie equipment down: For that same reason as above, it’s important to tie down your gear too and any loose items inside your vehicle.
  • Keep arms and legs inside: Just like on a roller coaster, keep all appendages inside the car. If your path takes you through a narrow passage at a moderate to high speed, you do not want to be caught with your arm hanging out.
  • Bring another vehicle along: It’s possible that your vehicle could get stuck or damaged while off-roading. Always drive in pairs and have a secondary vehicle that can transport you to safety until you can have your own vehicle towed — or even pull you out if you get stuck.
  • Always make sure someone knows where you’re going: Traveling off the beaten path can be thrilling, but if you get lost or stranded and no one knows where you are, it could be days before you are found. Inform others when you plan to hit the dirt.
  • Pack a survival kit: Just in case you do become stranded, make sure you have a survival kit in your vehicle with food, first-aid gear, flashlights, batteries, etc.
  • Stay focused: Off-roading requires constant concentration. Keep the music down and always focus on what you are doing. If you are getting tired, it is time to stop.
  • Prevent roll-always: When stationary, put the vehicle in park, engage the emergency brake, and turn off the engine to keep the vehicle from rolling away.

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