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Vehicles can make funny noises sometimes. Here are a few examples and what they might indicate...

Squealing (Braking)

A constant squealing when you are braking could indicate that you need new brake pads. Brake pads are actually designed to squeal once they have worn down.


A certain kind of thumping actually comes from the tires, but it’s not serious at all. When your vehicle sits at night, the part of the tire in contact with the ground can develop a flat spot. Every time that flat spot rotates while driving, you hear a thump. Don’t worry. It’ll wear off soon.

Grinding (Manual)

If you drive a manual, and the gears are grinding when you shift, this could indicate the need for a new clutch.

Rattling (Manual)

If you hear rattling while your car is idling that gets louder when you depress the clutch, this could indicate a worn thrust bearing. If you hear revving and it doesn’t seem as if the gear is engaged, this can confirm you are having problems with your clutch.

Squealing (Accelerating)

If you hear a squealing during acceleration, it could indicate a bad tensioner or a loose belt.

Rhythmic Scraping (Braking)

When you are braking, if you hear a scraping that is rhythmic and regular, this could indicate that your brake rotors are warped.

The bottom line is if your vehicle is making an odd sound--and you will know because we get used the way our car sounds when it’s healthy--you need to have it looked at by a service professional.

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