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What To Know When Hauling and Towing | Charleston, SC

What To Know When Hauling and Towing | Charleston, SC
If you’ve just purchased a used truck or SUV from Mama’s Used Cars for the first time, you might be excited about towing a trailer or a boat to the lake, mountains, or ocean from your home in Charleston. But before you do, make sure you are prepared for hauling and towing with this important information.

Weight Limits

Do you know how much you can tow with your truck or SUV? Do you know how much the item you want to tow weighs? You must know these numbers and make sure they match up before attempting to tow anything. You can find your vehicle’s tow rating on a sticker near the driver’s door, where you’ll also find tire pressure recommendations. Alternatively, you can find the info online or sometimes in your vehicle’s paperwork. You must also know how much the boat or trailer is that you want to tow.

You should know your vehicle’s Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (the total weight of the boat or trailer that your vehicle can carry) and the Gross Combined Weight Rating (how much your weight your vehicle can handle, including what’s being towed, people in the vehicle, cargo in the vehicle, and fuel in the vehicle).

Practice and Safety

Do not attempt to tow a boat or trailer on the open road if this is your first time. Start on a low-traffic road and make your way to an open parking lot to practice turns and reversing for a bit before joining heavy traffic. For safety, make sure all your trailer lights work, check the tire pressure of what’s in tow, and make sure your trailer hitch is completely hooked up to the ball of your truck’s or SUV’s hitch. Keep to a reasonable speed limit, and always stay alert behind the wheel.

If you need assistance learning how to use the towing and hitching equipment on your truck or SUV, talk to the experts at Mama's Used Cars. We also have a wide selection of vehicles capable of towing and hauling.

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