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Why Buy a Hybrid

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When hybrids vehicles began to appear on American roads, it was unclear whether they would endure. Now it’s clear that they are here to stay and the truth is that they are getting better and cheaper. Why buy a hybrid? Here are a few reasons...

Save On Fuel

A lot of people are initially drawn to hybrid vehicles because they know they are going to save on fuel. Just how much? Of course, it depends on the vehicle, but if your hybrid gets 45 mpg and you drive 12,000 miles in a year, you will save $400 over that of a vehicle that gets 30 mpg.

Hybrids typically get better fuel economy in the city than they do on the highway. This is the opposite for gasoline-only vehicles. This means that hybrids can also have a higher appeal if you do a lot of city driving.

Prices for hybrids have also come down considerably over the years as the technology gets cheaper to manufacture. They are often only priced a couple thousand dollars more than their gasoline counterparts. That’s about the amount of a trim level.

Why Buy a Hybrid

Tax Incentives

The federal government offers a $7500 tax credit for a hybrid or electric vehicle that meets its requirements according to the Clean Air Act, Title II. Not every vehicle qualifies and there are other stipulations. For instance, you have to buy the vehicle new (as opposed to leasing it or buying it used) and it must be for personal use.

Hybrids Are Exceptionally Comfortable

One of the most noticeable perks of driving a hybrid car is how extremely quiet it is. Until you experience a hybrid driving experience, you might not even have realized just how loud a traditional gas engine can be.

Clean Air, Clean Conscience

A lot of people are also drawn to hybrids because they offer, in some small but tangible way, a means for each of us to help clean up the environment. Less fuel means fewer emissions. It’s also a way to alleviate dependence on fossil fuels. With hybrids, there’s cleaner air and from that, you can enjoy a cleaner conscience.
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